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The Mushroom of Immortality

The Reishi mushroom is a red woody fungus that tends to grow predominantly on hardwoods. The mushroom is commonly known as the mushroom of immortality, as it has been used for many millennia in Chinese medicine to treat various diseases such as insomnia and cardiovascular diseases. In China the Reishi mushroom is regarded as a symbol of health, longevity, success and divine power.



INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Organic Alcohol, Ganoderma lucidium. (Ganoderma lucidium. Mycelial Biomass, Ganoderma lucidium. Fruiting Body), Natural Wild Harvested Kakadu Plum.


- 120 ml bottle (60 day supply - 2 ml a day)

- 60 ml bottle (30 day supply - 2 ml a day)

- Non-GMO

- Vegan-friendly

- Originally harvested in the USA

- Australian sourced ingredients

- Gluten free


More Information

The Use of Reishi Liquid Extract

Unlike some of the Reishi mushroom’s counterparts such as Lion’s mane or Shiitake mushroom, it is not famous for its edibility and taste but rather its pharmaceutical properties [1]. That is why it is commonly taken as a liquid extract.

The simple and clean method of extracting the beneficial bioactive compounds from mushrooms in alcohol, to create a liquid extract, is still applicable today. As is the effortless way of incorporating these mushroom extracts into your day to day life. This Reishi mushroom liquid extract makes the bioactive compounds within the mushroom readily available to you, so you can take it easy.

The Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

The bioactive constituents that have been found to hold medicinal properties within the Reishi mushroom are mainly Lanostane-type triterpinoids and polysaccharides such as beta-glucans. These are considered as potent agents for enhancing the immune system, as well as having high antioxidant and anti-microbial capacities [1, 3].

The mushroom is also well known for its potential beneficial effects on sleep and relaxation. When consumed, the mushroom is thought to have hypnotic/sedative type effects, which can decrease sleep latency (time taken to fall asleep) and may increase overall sleeping time, which explains why the mushroom has also been used to treat restlessness, palpitation and insomnia in China for hundreds of years [4, 5].

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Your Reishi Liquid Double Extract


Consumption of Reishi mushroom is increasing all over the world, as many people want to tap into the benefits of this all giving mushroom. That’s why Life Cykel are bringing to you our Reishi mushroom liquid extract so you can relax with Reishi.

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