LIFE CYKEL Cordyceps Double Extract Tincture

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INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Organic Alcohol, Cordyceps militaris. (Cordyceps militaris. Mycelial biomass and Cordyceps militaris. Fruiting Body), Natural Wild Harvested Kakadu Plum.


120 ml bottle (60 day supply - 2 ml a day)
- Non-GMO
Originally harvested in the USA
Australian sourced ingredients
- Gluten free
More Information

The Benefits of Cordyceps Mushroom

The extensive research into the Cordyceps mushroom shows that the bioactive compounds found within the mushroom may reduce inflammation, increase libido, prevent oxidative stress (anti-ageing) [2] and hold antimicrobial effects [4], and this is just to name a few of the benefits of this powerful mushroom.

The Cordyceps mushroom is popularly known for its potential to provide energy, research shows that the mushroom may have beneficial effects on lipid metabolism [5, 9], protection of your mitochondria – the power house of the cell [8] and can improve your endurance to prolonged and high intensity exercise  [3, 6, 7].This mushroom will really get you going!


 The Use of Cordyceps Liquid Extract

The simple and clean method of extracting the beneficial bioactive compounds from mushrooms in alcohol, to create a liquid extract, is still applicable today. As is the effortless way of incorporating mushroom tinctures into your day to day life. This Cordyceps mushroom liquid extract makes the bioactive compounds readily available to you to kick start your day.

 To delve deeper into the world of fungi and to learn more about Cordyceps mushrooms and other functional mushrooms, follow this link to to read our latest blogs.


Your Cordyceps Liquid Double Extract

 Many people are now seeking the great benefits from the Cordyceps mushroom and that is why Life Cykel is bringing to you an easy way to access all the mushroom goodness in our mushroom liquid extract.

 So, if you need that little extra boost in your day, then you’re in the right place to buy Cordyceps mushroom liquid extract, one of Australia’s most unique products.


How to use


Directions: Add Cordyceps liquid double extract directly to your coffee, smoothie, tea or water in the morning for best results.


Serving Size: 2 ml


Storage: Store in a cool, dry place