Press Headies Rosin Bags

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Press Headies-Rosin Bags brought to you by the makers of Bubble Bags.

Made with top of the line micron screen, heat tested to 500F, the safest screen on the market for your Rosin production.

These can be used with many kinds of heat presses or a standard hair straightener.

  • your choice 25 micron or 90 micron screen (when available)
  • Final product may not be exactly as pictured but will perform as desired

Watch the Bubbleman's review on Bubbleman's World Youtube channel!

We can't keep these in stock as they are so popular!

Screens come in 3 sizes and can be purchased individually or in a pack of 10

Small - 45mm x 76mm

Medium - 76mm x 101.5mm

Large - 76mm x 127mm