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The PowerPlant Super HPS range of hydroponics grow lights produce 10% more light than standard HPS lamps. On top of this they stay brighter for longer and are rated at 24,000 hours operating life. The lamps are can be used in both a vertical and horizontal shade, and are manufactured to high European standards.

The PowerPlant Metal Halide RETRO -fit lamps run off High Pressure Sodium control gear, and are ideal for vigorous vegetative growth.

There is now no need to have two different ballasts, simply use the PowerPlant Metal Halide Retro lamp during vegetative growth, and change to the PowerPlant Super HPS for flowering, all using the same HPS ballast. This allows the grower to give the plants the perfect Grow (blue) spectrums and Bloom (red) spectrums for optimum plant growth, more compact plant structure and amazing high yields, while only needing one ballast.

Dula Arc

600 Watt

Colour enhanced spectrum for optimum growth, heavy flowering and maximised harvest.

Super High PAR output

**  Runs on Digital Ballasts Only  **
Wattage: 600
Average Life (Hours): 10,000
Colour: 2500K
Bulb Position: Horizontal
Lamp Current: