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Sustainably sourced bundle of 6 artisanal incense.

A superb oil for spiritual upliftment, Palo Santo has a distinctive uplifting fragrance not unlike Frankincense which is wonderful as a natural purifier. Often used to enhance creativity Palo Santo has a balancing effect therefore perfect for use during meditation. The Andean indigenous Bursera Graveolens tree naturally produces aromatic hypoallergenic resin that grows in concentration with age. The value of this sacred gift was clear from the first discovery of its lasting torchlight and beautiful scent. Bursera Graveolens lives for 40 to 90 years; after death, the wood matures four to ten more years before it falls. Only then it's consecrated as “Sacred Wood” (Palo Santo). By respecting this cycle, we ensure the highest quality hand-chosen offerings. Each year we reserve a select portion of high resin Peruvian Palo Santo wood.

Approximately 60 - 90 minutes burn time per stick.

Ethically handcrafted in Brazil and Peru.