SEA HAWK Clone Tent Sea Hawk Smart 0.75 x 0.6 x 0.5

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Seahawk – Grow Tent

Seahawk Grow Tents are now available with a Mylar finish (Non-toxic) and is a great investment for hydroponic beginners and hobbyists alike.

They are 100% resistant against the leaking of air and light. All GROWTENTS have multiple in/outlets and fixtures for easy attatchment of carbon filters and 150mm lightproof flanges for ducting in and out!

Also all tents are made of water resistant materials and have a separate splash tray that Velcro’s to the inside for unwanted spillages!

The most useful Clone Tent around, suitable for cloning units and propagation domes. Can even fit a small fan in duct port in the ceiling.

75cm (w) x 60cm (d) x 50cm (h)

A great size to use in combination with the PS-1 or Star Light kits. The Prop 64 tray and/or lid fit neatly into it.