SEA HAWK Reflector Hanger x 2

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Yoyo Reflector Hangers are used to hang grow lights. This two pack is easily adjustable, to maintain the right height for your plants.

  • Maximise plant growth with proper light position
  • The easiest way to maintain the correct distance
  • Includes hanging hooks
  • Hang grow lights and keep the grow room tidy

Yoyo Light Hangers 2 Pack includes:

  • 2 x Yoyo light hangers
  • 2 x strong J hooks
  • 1 x small eye bolt and nuts
  • 1 x small J hook

How to Use Yoyo Light Hangers

  1. Most reflectors and cooltubes are supplied with V shaped hangers. If your reflector does not have any hangers, create two strong fixed points on the reflector that can share the reflector's weight evenly.
  2. Locate a support beam / joist in the ceiling by tapping on the ceiling. Use the supplied "J" hooks and screw them into the supports. Space the hooks 40-45cm apart 
  3. Hang the string from the reflector hanger and tie a strong knot around the reflector hangers.
  4. Now you are ready to hand the reflector. Mount each yoyo hanger to the ceiling by inserting the J hook through the eye hole.
  5. The wing nut on the yoyo hanger is for tension adjustment. Proper tension will allow the ability to move the reflector up and down easily.
  6. Each reflector can hold up to 5kg. Two hangers are required for each reflector, so the maximum acceptable weight for a reflector is 10kg.


If installing inside of a grow tent, use cable ties to fix the hangers to the tent pole across the ceiling.