THE GOOD OIL Retroman Face & Body Oil for men

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A combination of pure oils high in essential fatty acids designed to keep skin in optimum condition. 

For the modern male. Intense hydration all over.

  • Consistency
    Rich, velvet absorbing oil.
  • Scent
    Cool, with fougère top notes.
  • Benefits
    Skin elasticity, suppleness, anti-aging, wrinkle prevention.

Gently massage two to four pumps into skin.

Apply three to five pumps to dry body part and massage into skin.

After shower moisturiser, Massage, or bath oil to soothe achine muscles.

After shampooing & conditioning, apply a palm-sized amount into hands and work through damp hair, massaging thoroughly while focusing deeply on the hair ends. For best results, leave for at least 5 minutes. Rinse well with warm water.