Mars Hydro Grow Tent 100x100x180cm

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If you're into hydroponics, LED grow lights or indoor gardening chances are you've heard of the brand Mars Hydro. For over a decade now Mars Hydro have continued to help indoor hydroponic growers improve their grow set ups with their range of hydroponic equipment. They are know for their affordability and quality which are two main things to look out for when dealing with hydroponics.  They have a great range of LED grow lights, hydroponic accessories and of course their grow tents

Why Buy A Mars Hydro Grow Tent - Here's 10 Reasons Why:

  1. Double sewing threads to ensure the tent is strong and solid
  2. Double decked reflective inner materials
  3. 100% light proof - No light leaks
  4. The frames are made with solid metal
  5. Corner connectors come with locking push tabs
  6. Micro mesh pre-filters provide better ventilation and are bug resistant
  7. All cross bars are made from solid metal and support 65kg
  8. All tents include a reflective floor tray - easy clean up + helps with spillages 
  9. Zippers contain double decking which helps prevent light leaks
  10. Double protection corners for extra strength 


Mars Hydro Grow Tent - 100 X 100 X 180cm Specifications: 

Model: Mars hydro grow tent 100 X 100 X 180cm
Weight: 13kg
UPC Number: 600740980268
Dimension: 100 X 100 X 180cm
Outer Material: 1680 denier fabric – heavy duty nylon material
Inner Material: Mylar highly reflective
Ventaliation Size: 2 x 3", 4 x 6", 2 x 8" (Quantity*Diameter)

Ventilation System: 1x8" roof mount; 2x6" upper side mount; 3x0.5 sq foot lower vents
Frames: 16mm diameter steel tube – powder coated against corrosion with spring loaded locking. Tabs at each join - each part of frame identified for ease of assembly.
Hanging System: 3 x 16mm diameter steel tube with combined load rating of 65kg.
Features: Lightproof and waterproof, separate liner tray, double taped seems, heavy duty zipper
Fixture Weight Capacity: 70kg-80kg