We’re on a mission to share hemp with the world.

Hemp Culture sprouted in 2017, with the goal of illuminating the full potential of this incredible and versatile plant.

Our mission was to make hemp accessible to the world in all its forms, under one single roof.

The hope was to create not just a business but a hub; supporting the growing social movement to help free this plant from years of false propaganda, stigma, and fear.

The plant’s uses are seemingly endless; medicine, food, textile, building, biofuel, cosmetics, and safer recreational alternatives, to name just a few. And we believe in the importance of educating people on hemp’s huge value to society, and its potential to pave a more sustainable future for all.


Our journey with this special plant

We are committed to supporting the plant through its journey, maintaining an active presence at the forefront of scientific, social and legal advances.

It is a privilege to share this progress with our Hemp Culture friends & family. We invite you to connect with us to share new information and products, as we continue building this beautiful like-minded community.

Staying true to our roots

We believe that Mullumbimby was the perfect place to seed this great vision, and the support given throughout our journey has been immense.

We are also proud to walk in the footsteps of some homegrown heroes; sharing turf with the legendary Mullum Madness Strain, while just over the mountain resides the Nimbin Hemp Embassy - Australia’s original hemp pioneers.

Cultivating power through knowledge

With so much still to learn and discover about this plant, we feel compelled to take an active role in deepening the public’s knowledge about hemp.

We are passionate about discussing many different aspects of hemp; health, fitness, fashion, sustainability, and more. You can stay connected via our blog, newsletter and social media channels.

The faces behind Hemp Culture

We are a boutique and dedicated team of hemp specialists, united through our passion for hemp and our belief in the unique and powerful benefits it can bring to society. We are committed leaders in this revolution for a greener future.

Simah Acabani

Simah Acabani

Founder, CEO

Sophie Louise Dickman

Sophie Louise Dickman

Flagship Store Manager

Chris Kassoua

Chris Kassoua


When it comes to hemp, our team has a wide range of interests and expertise. We live and breathe the Hemp Culture mission, and love to talk hemp at every opportunity.


Got a question or need some general hemp advice? We’d love to hear from you - drop by the store and say hi, email us on hello@hempculture.com.au, or send a message on Facebook and we’ll be happy to help!